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About us

Wooood springs from an idea by Vincenzo, a joiner from Abruzzo (Italy), who has smelled the scent of wood for more than fifty years. For all this time he has planed, cut, bonded and shaped wood to transform it into objects for daily use.
Wooood also springs from his wish to reuse the cuttings of valuable wood he has heaped up over the years of work. Even the smallest piece of cut-off wood contains an object, provided that you are able to see it.
Two products have been created under the trade name WoooodQ.bi an incredible cube of magnetic wood, wSpeed an amusing hand-turned top, Ercolino a building game based on balance and concentration and many others.
The features of the Wooood products are their being individually handcrafted, the use of high quality materials, the uniqueness of every single piece, whose shape and fine intertwining of valuable types of wood are inimitable.

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