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wSpeed – Hand-turned tops

The Wooood workshop refashions a classic toy for every age: the wooden top. To become children again, to grow up with your kids, to explain them the importance of a gesture, or to challenge your friends, wSpeed is the evolution of a tradition. It is a finely shaped object, small and exceptionally easy to handle, even as an antistress toy or a good-luck charm. Spinning it is a challenge to its balance. When it stands still, you can admire its distinctive shape, display it or just keep it close at hand. wSpeed is exclusively handcrafted using cuttings from valuable solid wood, so it encourages the intensive and ecological use of such a precious material. Thanks to the various types of wood used and to hand-turning, wSpeed has a unique shape and an inimitable texture. Each piece distinguishes for its speed, stability, balance and type of momvement. Order your wSpeed 3-set now and show everyone how fast you are!

NB: it is not possible to choose the exact shape and finish of our tops. Each top is a unique piece and every set is made of different tops, so that you can try various degrees of difficulty and speed.

€ 25
Height ca. 5-7 cm. Width ca. 3-5 cm.
3-Top Set ca. 35 gr.
Different types of solid wood
The package contains 3 tops